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Usable for both indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring. Integrate sensing modules such as PM, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Ozon, VOC, Temperature and Humidity.


Data saved securely on the Aardra Cloud Storage for real-time status, analytics and API integration.


Create sensor level alerts and automated operations to purify the air with compatible air filtering devices.


Monitor the sensors directly using the Aardra Cloud app or the Aardra Cloud website. IoT modules integrated with the Sensors will use mobile networks such as GPRS, CATM1 or NB-IoT to communicate to the cloud platform periodically.

How it Works


The "IoT Air " controller is a device that monitors air quality for both indoor and outdoor environments. Sense PM, N02, CO2, VOC, temperature and humidity across various environmental applications.


Install the device at the location that would give a good representation of the environment you are trying to monitor.


Using the Aardra Cloud, preset your sensor sample rate.


Let the sensor stabilise in its environment once powered from a power adaptor or solar panel with a backup battery.


Using the Aardra Cloud, monitor the sensor levels and status, data analytics to determine precautions or strategies to achieve healthy air quality.


Integrate alerts or automated air cleansing when the air quality declines below standard acceptable health levels.

benefits of Air Quality

core advantages


Obtain real-time information on the air quality for any location.


Accurate periodic sensor data can facilitate maintaining healthy air quality and establish the causes of poor air quality that can be detrimental to health.


Achieve continuous healthy air quality by integrating a compatible air filtering system to automate the air clean process when air quality


Use all analytical data to facilitate air quality initiatives.

Air Quality



Air Quality Sensor

Air pollution has a significant effect on public health.

Our Air quality sensor measures the environmental air and detects the concentration of dangerous, unwanted gases and particulates in the air.

These particulates and gas materials are often invisible to the human eye, but their effect on humans and the environment can be significant.

get your data and control on your fingertips.

our app


Connect and control multiple Aardra IoT devices using the Aardra Cloud on various platforms such as IOS, Andriod and Web browsers.

-Remotely monitor all IoT devices from an associated Aardra cloud account.

– Real-time air quality sensor data alerts.

– Preset automated air quality filter device, when required.

– Create sensor analytical data for air quality reports and strategies to produce healthy air quality.

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Case Study

Basic controller in action


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the aardra system flow

how it works


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